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Homeopathy Process of Treatment

1. The doctor may give you a powder or a dose of pills. Please ensure to follow the directions given by the doctor with regard to the dose. This dose helps to start the treatment and makes the rest of the medicines more efficacious. Without this dose (where it is given) the treatment will not begin. 2. Along with the complaint for which are seeking treatment, you will notice changes in your overall health post the treatment. It is important to notice changes in your appetite, sleep, dreams, mood, bowels, and sense of well-being post the beginning of the treatment. Please report about the same during your follow-ups. 3. It is a myth that homeopathy will aggravate every condition before curing it. This is not true. The only exception is if there had been an untreated skin condition in the past which was being treated by local application of steroids, then when you discontinue the steroids, the skin condition of asthma and has had a history of old skin complaint, then as the asthma is getting better, the old skin complaint may come up. This is the body's way of showing that the immunity is improving and that it is re-locating the seat of disease from a more important organ (respiratory system) to a less important organ (like skin). Therefore nobody needs to be frightened about any homeopathic aggravation after the administration of a homeopathic remedy. 4. Sometimes when a correct homeopathic remedy is given to a patient he/she may experience a slight increase in their symptoms; in some cases, there may be fever. It simply indicates that the patient's immune system is responding to the remedy. Please note that this slight increase in symptoms is only transient and the pathology does not increase. A patient suffering from psoriasis may experience an increase in itching without the lesions actually increasing in size or number; in fact, he/she will note that in a few weeks these will start reducing. Similarly, a patient suffering from frequent migraines may experience a headache soon after the correct remedy, but in the course of the next few weeks and months will note a decrease in the frequency and intensity of the attacks. It is not necessary that homeopathic aggravations of symptoms, where it does occur, are, therefore, a good sign. It indicates to the patient that the remedy he has selected for the patient is working and that he should continue the same line of treatment. 5. There might be discharges that may take place from any of the five natural outlets - nose, mouth, anus, urethra, and skin. This means if the deposit of the toxins is in the head, the nose is its natural outlet. If it is in the liver or in the respiratory system or stomach its exit is the mouth, if the toxin is in the intestine it gets discharged through the anus, if it is in the urinary tract it finds an outlet through the penis, and if under the skin it comes out in the form of some sort of skin eruption. So, do not worry if you notice a runny nose or diarrhea, or vomiting after the initial medication. These discharges are not severe and in spite of the discharges, you will experience an overall sense of well-being 6. During the treatment of chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis, and cholesterol in homeopathy, one needs to understand that there are long-term goals and short-term goals. In the long run, one wants to prevent or delay the complications of diabetes, cholesterol, etc. These long-lasting and chronic diseases respond wonderfully with homeopathy and need longer treatment. Diet, regular exercise, yoga, and meditation are a must to bring long-lasting and permanent cures in chronic cases. 7. As your condition improves, your need for other medicines including allopathic medicines (if any) will reduce. Your other medicines can be tapered under the advice of the physician who prescribed those medicines. 8. Please contact us for any other acute complaints (other than the complaint you came for) you may develop while on treatment e.g. infection/fever etc. All your acute complaints can be managed with homeopathy.

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